Sunday, 12 April 2009

What is League Tag

‘LEAGUE TAG’ is a version of Rugby League and maintains the basic structure of the original game.

It was designed initially as a coaching aid to give players a feel of Rugby League without the risk of injury that full contact carries.

Tagging the ball to affect a tackle, rather than simply any ‘Touch’ or the removal of a tag from the hips of an opponent was chosen because upper body tackling and stopping the ball in the tackle is such a feature of modern Rugby League.

Unlike Touch and Tag, ‘LEAGUE TAG’ allows ball carriers to try to prevent the ball from being tagged by holding-off a defender or knocking a defenders arm away. However, ‘Hand-offs’ or ‘Fends’ to the face, by the ball carrier are not allowed.

Defenders can hold on to a ball carrier whilst trying to tag the ball, but they are not allowed to attempt to tackle the ball carrier to the ground.

These rules allow ‘LEAGUE TAG’ to be played on grass or all-weather pitches such as astro-turf, etc.

It is hoped that, because of the dimensions of the pitch, each set of 5 will be considered an attacking set. Teams do not need to establish field position so they can use positive attacking plays on every possession.